Hundred of bump for pedestrian in China


Hundred of bump for pedestrian in ChinaHundred of bump for pedestrian in China - A tourist attraction in East China, have found new ways to make people stop playing mobile phone and enjoy the views.

Reported from Liputan6, in South China, a ancient water town of Taierzhuang in Zaozhuang, Shandong province, has installed nearly a hundred of bump for pedestrians at the entrance.

From the photos that are shared on social media, every bump is black and yellow and just one small step from the other.

These views triggered a debate in social media. They have speculate about the reason behind the installation of the bump.

Even though it has explained that the purpose is to make the visitor not only play your mobile phone and want to enjoy the view at the place, netizen questioned why police sleep only installed at the entrance.

Anyone explain if the bump is made so that pedestrians are not slipping while walking in the entrance are indeed somewhat decreased.

Water town of Taierzhuang: known as one of the most beautiful water city in China and entered into the list of Unesco World Heritage sites. The city was built in the Qin and Han Dynasty and refurbished in 2008.




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