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The reaction of a toddler when his mom surprises him with evil toy unicorn being viral on social media


The reaction of a toddler when his mom surprises him with evil toy unicorn being viral on social mediaThe reaction of a toddler when his mom surprises him with evil toy unicorn being viral on social media -  Everyone who sees this doll will be interested because of its funny shape. But when the back part is squeezed, the doll will shows an angry expression, fangs and a pretty creepy sound.

Because it had viral, this doll is very popular in Amazon online store. The price offered starts from 19.9 dollars or equivalent to 260 thousand rupiah.

This cute stuffed animal is made by William Mark Company.

The type of doll also consists of various kinds of animals. Some of them not only show fierce emotions, others stuck out their evil tongues and faces.

Not a few adults buy this toy. They even bought Fiesty Pets dolls to harass the others.

Like a woman named Jessica Magyar. She have 2-year-old boy, Weston Chris. Her boy is very brave, and it makes his mother have an idea to introduced him to a terrifying creature: Glenda Glitterpoop the Unicorn, a Fiesty Pets doll.

Jessica Magyar’s four children didn’t suspect their mom was up to any tricks when she bought them a plush unicorn doll last week.

But the adorable toy—a Feisty Pet named Glenda Glitterpoop—transforms into an angry creature and reveals a set of fangs when it is squeezed.

Knowing this, Magyar came up with the idea to individually prank her kids and film their reactions to the unicorn’s scary transformation.

31-year-old Magyar, from Watertown, Wisconsin, tells. “The three other ones thought it was funny and laughed. But Weston is my most fearless one, so I was expected him to do the same, but that didn’t happen!”

In a video posted to Facebook, Magyar holds the toy in front of Weston, and as soon as he tries to grab it, she squeezes the doll to reveal its fangs and Weston immediately jumps back in terror.

“I was just as surprised by his reaction as he was surprised by the toy! It was definitely not what I thought would happen with him,” Magyar says.

“He likes to be scary and growl at people, and scare everyone, so I thought he would find it funny!”

Luckily, Weston recovered from the fright just a few moments later.

“It was obviously very funny, so I laughed, but I did feel bad and I comforted him right away,” she recalls. “We hugged and he seemed fine, and I just showed him the toy again from a safe distance and he gave it a side-eye, but was okay with it.”

Magyar shared the video of Weston’s reaction to her Facebook account under a private setting, but thanks to the urging of a few of her friends, she made the video public and it quickly received attention from people all over social media.

“My husband, Chris, thought the video went viral after it reached 200 shares, but I told him we needed thousands of shares to go viral!” Magyar says while laughing. “Then he gave up and said he doesn’t know how going viral works.”

Thankfully, Weston has warmed up to his newfound social media fame, and he asks his mom to watch that video almost every day.



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