Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Jakarta Ranked 12 as the Worst City for Riders


illustrationillustration -  The provider of auto parts in Germany, kfzteile24, conducted a survey of 100 major cities in the world related to the condition of the city. Some of the top cities of the 100 cities are referred to as a city friendly to motorists, while the city in the most distant position falls into the worst category of cities for riders.

In its official website, kfzteile24 mentions, to determine the 50 best cities and 50 worst cities this side it checks the top 500 cities with the highest number of registered vehicles. Looking at cities with the most traffic data, kfzteile24 decided to survey 100 of these cities.

"Poor urban planning or lack of civil education can make driving the most stressful experience of a person. We hope this study will act as a catalyst for cities in the negative rankings for safer, cleaner, and more efficient road investments, "says CMO kfzteile24, Thomas Kloubert.

This study was taken on the basis of congestion level analysis, average cost spent on riders for parking and fuel, average road speed, air pollution rate, the number of traffic accident victims and road quality.

This is the list of 10 worst cities kfzteile24 version.
1. Kolkata, India: 69 percent congestion, average speed from airport to city center 18 km / hour.
2. Karachi, Pakistan: 59% congestion, average speed 18 km / hour.
3. Lagos, Nigeria: 60 percent congestion, average speed 17.2 km / hour.
4. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: 65% congestion, average speed 35 km / h.
5. Mumbai, India: 67% congestion, average speed 13 km / hour.
6. Bangalore, India: 64% congestion, average speed 30 km / hour.
7. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: 64% congestion, average speed 23.9 km / hour.
8. Bogota, Colombia: 48% congestion, average speed 20.1 km / hour.
9. Mexico City, Mexico: 66 percent congestion, average speed of 28.1 km / h,
10. Istanbul, Turkey: 49% congestion, average speed 18.9 km / hour.

While the largest city in Indonesia, Jakarta ranked 14 in the top 20 list of worst cities for drivers. Jakarta, according to kfzteile24 survey, has a 58 percent congestion rate, the value of alternative transportation is 1.09, the value of parking fees is 0.38, the average speed from airport to city center 17.5 mil per hour, air pollution 2,09, accident casualty 2,66, street quality value 3,93, and value of street violence 3,68.*



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