Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Taiwan releases its new products that similar to N-Max


Taiwan releases its new products that similar to N-MaxTaiwan releases its new products that similar to N-Max -  Some time ago, Yamaha released its latest product for the Taiwan market, the S-Max 155.

There are two models offered, namely the ABS version and non ABS. This model complements the previous design.

As quoted from Motofun, on Thursday, October 20, 2017, S-Max was born from the family of Yamaha scooter, Maxi. By relying on the 155cc engine, which is reportedly similar to NMax and Aerox in Indonesia. This means that the machine already has Bluecore technology with VVA.

In addition to the engine, the size of the tires and legs are also the same. But the deck is flat, unlike Aerox and NMax.

That way, the motor can carry goods on the deck as a replacement baggage.

If the S-Max lamp still using the main bulb, now the headlamp on facelift edition is already using LED, even has its DRL detail. There is also a 12V power hole to charge cell phones, GPS and others.

S-Max 155 is a new product that is being prepared by Yamaha for the Indonesian market.

A number of automotive blog activists in Indonesia said, Xmax allegedly is a B3F-coded motorcycle that was designed by Yamaha Indonesia. But so far not confirmed the truth.


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