Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018

Again, an Indonesian footballer dies in a match


Again, an Indonesian footballer dies in a matchAgain, an Indonesian footballer dies in a match -  An Indonesian footballer dies in an inter-village match at the Anniversary of Muara Enim regency, South Sumatra some time ago.

The player named Monang Sianturi. He is a player in the club PTBA.

Through a video that sirculate in social media, Monang was unconscious. Allegedly the medical aid was very slow, make the player's life is not helped.

Kris, a friend of victim said, he and his team have been trying to seek medical around the location of the game.

"Me and the team went around to looking for medical, until finally with the car of a friend we bring the victim to the nearest hospital," said Kris as quoted from KR South Sumatra.

Kris also explained, before being taken to the hospital, he had tried to provide first aid to the victim.

This is not the first time incident that happened to footballer Indonesia. Previously, Persela Lamongan goalkeeper, Choirul Huda also death in a hospital after got collision with another player.


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