Vatican was inviting scientist to discuss about the Bing Bang theory


Vatican was inviting scientist to discuss about the Bing Bang theoryVatican was inviting scientist to discuss about the Bing Bang theory - The Vatican is the more open to science. The leader of the world's Catholics, Pope Francis invited scientists and leading the world in Cosmology Conference at the Vatican Observatory, to discuss Bing Bang Theory and other theories of the universe.

The world's scientists were later also examined how black holes, gravitational waves, and the singularity of time space.

Quoted from the Independent, Wednesday, May 10 2017, the conference is an attempt to further establish of the Catholic Church's real contribution to science and it is time no need to dispute with theological doctrine.

The Vatican said the Conference respects the thoughts of a priest, astronomer, and Professor of physics at the Catholic University of Leuven, Monsignor George Lemaitre.

In 1927, the first time Lemaitre explaining about the shrinking of distant galaxies as the result of the expansion of the universe. The idea that he made solves the equation of Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity.

Later, the idea of Lemaitre is known as the ' ancient ' atoms, and now more commonly known as the Bing Bang Theory.

The head of the Vatican Observatory, Pastor Guy Consolmagno says, the research proves a person can be theistic and simultaneously convinced of the Bing Bang Theory.

According to Consolmagno, Lemaitre convey the idea of God's creative act does not only occur when 13.8 billion last year, the beginning of the emergence of the universe, but it happens constantly.

"He (Lemaitre) learned in the past, the universe should come from a State of high energy density, and is compressed to a point such as the initial atom where it all began," wrote the official description of the Vatican Observatory.



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