Wednesday, 14 Nov 2018

Ministry of Communications and Informatics Invite Indonesian Public Relations Spread the spirit of Optimism


Communicator and Information Minister, RudiantaraCommunicator and Information Minister, Rudiantara -BOGOR - Minister of Communications and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia, Rudiantara, opens the National Convention of Public Relations (KNH), Monday (27/11) at the IPB International Convention Center. The annual event held by Public Relations Association (Perhumas) with 'Indonesia Talk Good' theme.

Chairman of the Central Board of Management (BPP) Perhumas, Agung Laksamana said, the selection of this theme to emphasizes how public relations and stakeholders of the nation can realize a positive spirit and spread the good things.

"The basic attitude of the Indonesian people is polite, kind and friendly. This is what we must return to the world," he said.

According to Agung, to be able to build the reputation of Indonesia in world's eyes, we must awakened the awareness for all Indonesian, amounting to 255 million, to carry out the role and function as Indonesia PR.

"In moment of KNH, we realize that the entire of Indonesian should be aware of the role and function of public relations.The next step is to make the entire ecosystem of this country and the people work together to realize the spirit of #Indonesia Talk Good.

Minister of Communications and Information RI, Rudiantara strongly supports the theme that carried by Perhumas. According to him, this theme is in line with the national theme of 'Good Indonesia' which carried by President Jokowi.

Rudiantara revealed, public relations practitioners should be able to communicate to all Indonesian people about the good things that Indonesia has achieved at this time. "Thus our optimism towards the progress of this nation can be maintained," he said. *


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