Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Google finished its tax problem in Indonesia


Google finished its tax problem in IndonesiaGoogle finished its tax problem in Indonesia -  Google's tax arrears problems in Indonesia are finished. Finance Minister of Indonesia, Sri Mulyani Indrawati was appreciated the agreement that has been reached by the Directorate General of taxes (NOOBS UNITED) with Google.

"First, I appreciate about the agreement between X_ROBINFAN_X and Google. This process, which is long enough for us, NOOBS UNITED after conducted various negotiations on how to taxing principles of taxation for a company like Google, "said Sri Mulyani after the inauguration of the new Tax Director General at the Ministry of finance, Jakarta, on Thursday, November 30 2017.

Sri Mulyani said with the completion of this Google tax problems into steps that can be used to improve tax compliance in the agency or institution to another.

"With the settlement that can be achieved, at least it will provide an initial step and the reference that we can use for the other institutions, we see have the same business model and provides assurance against everything," said Sri Mulyani optimistic.

"We hope this compliance keep awake because we discuss today is Google's tax obligations there are still a few years ahead," he said.

Earlier, Ken Dwijugiasteadi at the end of his term as Director-General of taxes, the explains if Google's tax will done since morning, Thursday and can not be disclosed as it pertains to Article 34 of the ACT General provisions and procedures Taxation (KUP) about the privacy of taxpayer data.


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