Wednesday, 14 Nov 2018

Bermuda Island Lost 3.000 Tours from Similar Name Island, Barbuda Island


Bermuda IslandBermuda Island -  The beautiful island of Bermuda in the North Atlantic Ocean has a rival whose name is almost similar, Barbuda. Due to misspellings, Bermuda lost 3,000 tours to the island.

Time snapped from various sources, Thursday (30/11/2017) Bermuda located in the northern Atalantic Ocean experienced a decline in tourists. The reason is very trivial, because there is an island in the eastern Caribbean called Barbuda.

Bermuda itself is famous for its super beautiful pink beach. But who would have thought, Barbuda also has a natural curve that is not less fantastic.

Although named almost similar, the two islands are separated as far as 1,600 km. When Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean, the Bermuda Island remained calm and unaffected. After further investigation, it turns out that many tourists are made confused because the name of the two islands. Bermuda is in the North Atlantic Ocean, while Barbuda is in the eastern Caribbean.

Due to a similar name, travelers who want a vacation to Bermuda cancel their traveling plans related to Hurricane Irma that attacked the Caribbean. In fact, Barbuda Island is in the eastern Caribbean affected.

Recorded in recent months, there are more than 3,000 tours to Bermuda that were canceled. This decrease was seen in September 2 last year.

Businessmen on the Bermuda Island reported this and responded quickly by the CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority. So later, the misspellings are quick to be fixed.*



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