Saturday, 17 Nov 2018

GM conducted a test of self-driving car in the US


GM conducted a test of self-driving car in the USGM conducted a test of self-driving car in the US -  In an event that took place in Francisco a few days ago, General Motors (GM) introduced self-built or driver-free cars for urban areas.

President of General Motors, Dan Ammann currently also holds a council seat at Lyft, revealing that there has been cooperation between GM and Lyft in the past year. Especially for the United States, non-driver networked vehicles will begin in 2019.

Ammann said that car manufacturers in the United States have tested the Chevrolet Bolt Autonomy in San Francisco, as well as in other cities, such as Scottsdale, Arizona, Warren, and Michigan. And next year will be tested up to New York.

"The car that has its own network, can move without a driver, especially for urban areas, will begin in 2019. And currently still conducted trials," said Ammann, quoted from Automotive News, Saturday, December 2 2017.

GM hopes from this Autonomous car will generate billions of dollars after it was launched. And Autonomous technology can also grow and go further.

Earlier in early 2017 GM had announced it would expand its self-driving division called Cruise Automation. The R & D facility will add to the research and development space. Cruise Automation will add more than 1000 new employees in the next five years.


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