Wednesday, 14 Nov 2018

Five men use dog feces to robbing a bank in Spain


Five men use dog feces to robbing a bank in SpainFive men use dog feces to robbing a bank in Spain -  Five men were arrested by police for robbing banks using dog feces in the port city of Cartagena, Spain.

One in five suspects dropped the feces on the floor near the entrance. The stinging smell also stole the attention of customers and bank staff.

"Each of them has a different role. When someone manages to fool the director of the bank from his office, the other manages can to attract people's attention to the animal feces that placed near the bank entrance," explained the police, as quoted from Metropolis, on Saturday, November 2, 2017.

Director of the bank, other staff, and people out from the room because the disgusting smell.

After security concerns and all are distracted, robbers who have been near the director's office can move freely and take anything. When all is done, the robbers out from different directions.

The suspects are between 21 and 61 years old. Before robbing that bank, they have committed of 15 other crimes in Spain, including stealing 7,000 pounds from a retired man, last June.

The incident is thought to have used a series of different tactics. But it is not known whether they have used dog feces tricks before.

Four of five suspects was allegedly operate in other European countries. They were banned to Italy and chose to Spain with illegally. Police said the gang often operated near the highway to escape quickly.


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