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The high heels shoes of Minnie Mouse become popular fashion in Instagram


The high heels shoes of Minnie Mouse become popular fashion in InstagramThe high heels shoes of Minnie Mouse become popular fashion in Instagram -  Disney characters, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse have always had a special place in the hearts of their fans, especially among women and children.

A variety of accessories are made in the form of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to make them still exist and famous, such as tongs, bags, until now widely used, bandana or hat with the typical ear details of the iconic rat.

Currently, there is one more accessory of Minnie Mouse that can be the favorite of women, especially fashion lovers ie a pair of high heels shoes inspired by Disney characters from the brand Oscar Tiye.

The high heels shoes of Minnie Mouse have a small rope detail on the right and left side. When viewed from the front, these heels look normal but from the back is look so different. A pair of Minnie Mouse's ears made beautify the back of this heels.

As quoted Fashionstylemag, there are three people who are behind the shoe making is popular in this Instagram.

They are Oscar Tiye, Amina Muaddi and Irina Curutz. The brand of shoes from Milan is already popular because its quality and luxury of their products.

For Minnie shoes, Oscar Tiye also provide unique details by putting a pin logo of their brand-shaped beetle that became the symbol of the Egyptian goods.

The popularity of Minnie's shoes began after Giovanna Battaglia and Aimee Song wore its while attending of Paris Fashion Week 2017/2018.

After that, a series of celebrities were seen wearing Minnie heels, among them Britney Spears, Eva Longoria, Heilee Steinfeld and Heidi Klum.

The heels shoes of Minnie are part of the Oscar collection for spring or summer of 2017. To get this shoes, the price range between USD 450 to USD 700 or IDR 6 million until IDR 10 million.


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