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Why when we drink must sitting down? this is the scientific answer


Why when we drink must sitting down? this is the scientific answerWhy when we drink must sitting down? this is the scientific answer -  Drinking while standing is not a strange thing. In fact, you may be one of many Indonesians who are reluctant to drink while sitting and choose to stand up.

As quoted from vemale, apparently though it looks trivial, it turns out drinking while standing has a great danger to health.

Here are some dangers that can arise if still standing while standing.

First, people who often drink while standing at risk for kidney disease. Because drink standing while causing filtering done kidney is not maximal. So the dirt can accumulate in the bladder and kidney and make the kidneys will damaged.

Second, drinking water while standing makes the process of diluting the acid levels of the body will disturbed. Whereas, drink should be slowly while sitting. So the acid levels in the body can be in accordance with the proportion of water required.

Third, drinking while standing will increases the risk of arthritis. Arthritis is inflammation of the joints accompanied by swelling, stiffness, and pain. Arthritis occurs because by drinking standing will cause fluid buildup in the joints of the body due to imbalances.

Fourth, drinking while standing can disturb the digestion. Because the water taken while standing will splatter into the abdominal wall. This splash can even damage the digestive system.

Fifth, believe it or not, drinking while standing it makes you still thirsty. In contrast to drinking water while sitting.

Sixth, drink while standing can lead to heartburn sensation . Namely by drink standing while causing the emergence of a burning sensation in the esophagus because the stomach acid from the stomach rises upward.

Seventh, drinking while standing will make the nerves in the body becomes tense, not relax. Unlike if the sitting nerves become relaxed, because the parasimpatetik system made the nerves are not tense.


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