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Apparently, Cambodia can to cure six deadly diseases


Apparently, Cambodia can to cure six deadly diseasesApparently, Cambodia can to cure six deadly diseases - Cambodia is a plant that commonly used as an ornamental plant in the yard of houses, gardens, and also in the cemetery.

Cambodia has flowers that consisting of various colors and its stems can be formed.

But apparently, behind its beauty and charm, Cambodian flowers save tremendous benefits.

This ingredient from Cambodia was able to cure of six deadly diseases, such as:

1. Cancer.
How to make it :
Take the skin of Cambodia stems that are still fresh enough, then finely ground
Add enough of water to be like mush
Apply on the lump of the tumor. Do it regularly, until the tumor bumps shrink.

2. Urinate that contain of pus
How to make it :
The roots of Cambodia boiled with 3 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup. Drink while still warm every day on a regular basis, until gonorrhea healed.

3. Swollen and broken feet
How to make it :
Take of Cambodia skin to taste then boiled with 3 liters of water to boiling.
Let stand until warm then use to soak the aching feet.

4. Bronchitis
How to make it :
Boil of Cambodia flower that has been dried before with enough water
Then drunk while still warm regularly until the inflammation healed.

6. Syphilis
How to make it :
Take four of Cambodia skin and then boiled with 4 1/2 cup water until remaining 1/2 cup.
After cold, filtered and add enough sugar and drink 3 times a day


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