About Ahok’s case, Judicial Commission says to stop all intervention


About Ahok’s case, Judicial Commission says to stop all interventionAbout Ahok’s case, Judicial Commission says to stop all intervention - The Judicial Commission (KY) has called on law enforcement institutions to take tough measures against any parties attempting to intervene in the ongoing legal process of Jakarta governor BasukiTjahaja Purnama’s blasphemy case.

The commission made the statement on Thursday May 10 2017 in response to a rally conducted by Ahok’s supporters in front of the Jakarta High Court on the previous day.

During the rally, they demanded that the court postpone the detention of the non-active governor, who was declared guilty of committing blasphemy by the North Jakarta District Court in a hearing on Tuesday. Ahok was detained shortly after the court sentenced him to two years in prison.

KY spokesperson Farid Wajdi said any attempt to pressure judges and the court demeaned “the honor and dignity” of Indonesia’s judiciary.

“Please use existing mechanisms, which are stipulated in the prevailing regulations. If anybody wants to demand a detention delay, please file a request to the higher court. If anybody finds any indications that judges committed ethical violations, report them to us,” Farid said.

During Tuesday’s hearing, the judge panel led by Dwiarso Budi Santiarto stated that based on the evidence and testimonies heard throughout the trial, all the requirements of an act of blasphemy as stipulated in Article 156a of the Criminal Code had been fulfilled.

Critics lamented the ruling, accusing the judges of accommodating pressure from several groups that have relentlessly demanded that judges punish Ahok with the harshest sentence possible



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