Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018

Novanto didn't answer the question of judge, KPK : He is lies


Novanto didn't answer the question of judge, KPK : He is liesNovanto didn't answer the question of judge, KPK : He is lies -  A polemic at the beginning of the trial of Setya Novanto as the defendant of alleged corruption case of e-ID card makes Novanto indictment never read. KPK believes Novanto is lying.

The trial at the Corruption Court of Jakarta, Bungur street, Central Jakarta, was started around 10:10 am, on Wednesday, December 13 2017.

Novanto showed signs of not hearing the questions of judges. The judge then asked the prosecutor of the Corruption Eradication Commission and called a doctor who examined Novanto.

After calling the KPK, the doctor then asks about the health of Novanto, the chief judge Yanto again questioned Golkar leader's identity. But Novanto did not answer.

But, a doctor ie EM Yunir has declared that Novanto is healthy. The examination was conducted at 08.50 am, local time. Judge Yanto then ask Novanto again.

"Did you hear my question?" the judge asked.

The question was repeated twice, but not answered.

"What's your name?" the judge again asked.

The question was also repeated twice, but not answered.

The judge then changed the question. "Is your name is Setya Novanto?" the judge again asked. But this question is also not answered.

Prosecutor KPK Irene Putri then believes if Novanto is lying.

"Your Honor, we believe that the defendant is in good health and able to attend the hearing. For us, the prosecutor, the defendant shows lies," he added.



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