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Two Navy airmen encounter with an UFO in search program for mysterious objects


Two Navy airmen encounter with an UFO in search program for mysterious objectsTwo Navy airmen encounter with an UFO in search program for mysterious objects -  Two Navy crew members that flying over the Pacific Ocean on a routine training mission claimed that they found the mysterious objects they never had seen before.

In 2004, the Navy Cmdr. David Fravor and Navy Lieutenant Cmdr. Jim Slaight flew about 100 miles from San Diego beach in each of the F / A-18F Super Hornets carrying two CATM-9.

According to Fravor, the naval operations officer of the U.S.S. Princeton has communicated with the couple during their mission.

The operator said over the past two weeks Navy cruisers have been tracking a mysterious plane.

The first object appear at an altitude of 80,000 feet, and then drove toward the sea before stopping at 20,000 feet altitude and drifting.

Fravor and Slaight were instructed to investigate these objects by radio operators on Navy cruisers.

Both pilots followed their instructions and they were told by the operators that they could not distinguish which objects and which were jet fighters.

At first, Fravor or Slaight could not see anything on their radar.

But then Fravor looked out at the ocean and realized that the waves broke something beneath the surface, causing the sea to sway.

Hovering about 50 feet above the churn is a whitish airplane, 40 feet in length and oval in shape, and rises erratically but does not move in a specific direction.

Fravor embarked on a circular slope in an effort to look closer, but it began to rise toward him as if trying to meet him halfway, he explained.

He then left a slow circular and decided to fly straight toward the object.

Fravor and Slaight then talked to the operations officers on their naval cruisers and were told to fly to a meeting point about 60 miles away, called a cover point in flight language.

As they flew, Princeton called again with the radio and saying that the radar had taken by the strange plane.

Once they arrived, the object was gone and two jet fighters returned to Nimitz.


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