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The story of a model that must lost her leg because Toxic Shock Syndrome after using a tampon more than 8 hours


Foto : Lauren WasserFoto : Lauren Wasser -  A 24-year-old model gets sick after using a tampon. She was found in her apartment on the floor of her bedroom and covered in dirt and vomit. Her mother called the police for a medical checkup when she did not hear any news from her for a while.

After being examined at the hospital, her fever reached 107 degrees and she had a heart attack and her organs began to fail and almost coma.

The infectious disease doctor was instructed to check whether the Wasser had a tampon in and after the tests were completed, he was diagnosed with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

Toxic shock syndrome is a rare and life-threatening bacterial infection. Infection occurs when a harmless bacterium Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus, which lives on the skin, attacks the bloodstream and produces harmful toxins.

Symptoms include high fever, low blood pressure, vomiting, confusion and seizures. This is most common in women who use tampons. Each year toxic shock syndrome affects about one in 100,000 women.

This illness made headlines in the late 1970s and early 1980s after the deaths of several young women using the super-absorbent tampon brand which was later removed from the market.

After getting the TSS, the model lost her leg.

Lauren Wasser was contracted toxic shock syndrome (TSS) in 2012 after using super-plus tampons during menstruation.

Although the tampon box warned not to used it for more than eight hours, Wasser said that she often replaced her tampons when experiencing symptoms of infection.

What started as a flu-like symptom made her suffer a heart attack and need lifelong support when the gangrene began to consume both legs, causing an amputation under the knee of the right leg amputation and legs on his left leg.

Now, the model that based in Los Angeles is determined to warn young women and girls of potential risks related with tampons by promoting legislation for transparency in women's products.

"My left leg has an open ulcer, no heels, and no toes," she wrote.

Her body has produced calcium which causes bone to grow on her legs. She needed surgery to shave her bones because it was too unbearable to walk. However, she now uses gold prosthetic limbs.

Now, that model is being an advocate with pushing legislation that urges the National Institutes of Health to help made a test for women's hygiene products to ensure they are safe.

She also talked about her condition.

However, TSS does not hamper Wasser's modeling career. She got a job as a model of the Nordstrom holiday shoe collection.


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