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Nine photos before and after of people who overcame of Anorexia, and being inspirational


Foto : Connie Inglis Foto : Connie Inglis -  Being lean is a figure that is appreciated in the West and now in the East as well. One of the dangers of spreading skinny figures has encouraged anorexia.

Anorexia can be so damaging that it can cause life-threatening illnesses in the long term.

In fact, 1 person died every 62 minutes in the U.S. because of eating disorders. Fortunately, they are brave enough to share images before and after to prevent others from doing so.

1. Hannah Koestler, now 22, who was days away from death when her BMI had dropped to a deadly dangerous 11 and her weight to 30 kilos.

2. Matthew Booth died for 20 minutes at the age of 18, after years of starvation and liver failure, kidney and heart failure.


3. Margherita Barbieri miraculously survives only 140 calories a day because she is intimidated by her ballet teacher at the age of 18.


4. Kaitlyn Davidson who previously weighs 37 kilos is now be a bikini model after struggling for 2 years to correct her eating disorders.


5. Connie Inglis survives after several collapsed

6. Danny Walsh has anorexia after becoming obsessed with soccer practice at the age of 18. He now manages to change his life by exercising for four months and eating healthy.

7. Dia Lietzow was on the verge of death when she suffered a serious injury in 2014.

8. Linn Stromberg, who has about 400 calories a day, is now in the best condition of her life

9. Jodie-Leigh Neil, anorexic teenager who lives only from 20 calories.



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