Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018

US Threaten to Cut the Financial Aid, Sri Mulyani: Indonesia will not Afraid


Sri MulyaniSri Mulyani - US President Donald Trump threatened to stop financial aid to a country that rejected US claims of recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Responding to this, Finance Minister Sri MulyaniIndrawati asserted, Trump's statement will not affect Indonesia.

"It will not be affected," Sri Mulyani told reporters on the sidelines of a tribute to TinoSidin: 92 years of inspiration for Indonesia, at Taman TinoSidin Museum, Bantul, DIY, Saturday (23/12/2017).

Sri Mulyani explained, the policy of cutting grant funds to be implemented by the US is their foreign policy affairs. Related to the Israeli and Palestinian polemics, the position of Indonesia is clearly in full support of Palestine.

"The state of Indonesia is already voting (in the General Assembly of the UN), expressed its support for Palestine, we all have to succeed and maintain," she explained.

Regarding the US threat that will cut grant funds to some pro-Palestinian countries, the Minister again reiterated Indonesia would not be affected by the threat. Moreover, the US grant to Indonesia, said Minister, the amount is small. "(American Grant to Indonesia) is very small," she explained.

The US threatened to cut grant funds to countries rejecting US statements related to Jerusalem. But the US threat is ignored.*


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