Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018

Andi Rachman "Grab" PDIP, Observer: That's a Step Backward


Andi Rachman and MegawatiAndi Rachman and Megawati - Monday (24/12/2017), Arsyadjuliandi Rachman, incumbent candidate in Pilgub Riau is definitely carried by PDI Perjuangan. However, analysts rate it as a step back.

This was said by Political Observer Riau Jupendri, Monday (25/12/2017). "If I judge it as a step back, incumbent candidates do not think about social aspect of society," he said.

Jupendri convey the domino effect of Local Election of DKI Jakarta still felt. PDIP that supports candidate Basuki Tjahja Purnama alias Ahok in Pilkada Jakarta was bringing domino effect including in Riau.

"Riau people are notoriously religious, so in my opinion, incumbent PDIP candidate will have an effect in the election of Riau later," said Jupendri.

Therefore, Jupendri considers that incumbents together with the successful team must improve their image. Otherwise, it will not have an impact with the vote in the Riau Pilgub 2018.

So, according to Jupendri, they should not coalesco coalition with other parties. Because, Golkar itself already has 14 seats is sufficient from the KPU requirement of at least 13 seats for the party who want usung candidate.

"I also see that there is a fuss by the incumbent in facing the Riau Pilgub, so the incumbent is looking for another party that has many seats, because it is not confident with Golkar Party," he said.


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