Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018

For the first time, former of AC Milan striker follow in Liberian Presidential election


George WeahGeorge Weah -  Liberia held a general election on Tuesday to elect a new president to replace Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Vice President Joseph Boakai who come from the United Party faced former football player George Weah from the Coalition for Democratic Change.

Quoted from CNN, on Wednesday, December 27 2017 George Weah is known to get 38.4 percent votes ahead of Joseph Boakai who won 28.8 percent in the first stage.

Since no party reaches 50 percent, the election schedule is due to resume on November 7 2017.

But because Joseph Boakai and some other small parties to object the alleged electoral fraud,then the next presidential election will be held this December.

"It was a fun day because it was a democracy test, we went one time (in the first half), there were 20 of us, now we are reduced to two. We have been through this process, this process has been generated, we are willing to live with that, "said Boakai on Tuesday, December 26 2017.

The West African country has been hit by civil war and is also trying to emerge from the Ebola virus outbreak and undemocratic government since 1944. After Sirleaf was elected in 2006 to become the only female president, Liberia turned into a peaceful nation despite the problems the country.

Known Joseph Boakai is an election comrade of Sirleaf when running in 2005 and 2011.

Boakai has served as Minister of Agriculture and runs a state-owned company. Meanwhile, George Weah is known to be a soccer player from the AC Milan club who is keen to campaign for vaccines and build vocational schools for young people.



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