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Here are five most beautiful waterfalls that you can found in Riau


Here are five most beautiful waterfalls that you can found in RiauHere are five most beautiful waterfalls that you can found in Riau -  Charge your time off while enjoying the natural atmosphere and hear the rush of water, it does not need all the way, in Riau there are also worth visiting tourist destinations.

One of them is the potential of a charming waterfall sir and not inferior to the waterfall in other areas.

Beautiful scenery and cool waterfall atmosphere can refresh the brain after struggling with work.

What and where are the waterfalls that can be found in Riau?

1. 86 Waterfall
Located in Batu Ampar Village, Kemuning Sub-district, Indragiri Hilir Regency, and included in the Bukit Tigapuluh National Park area.

Named of 86 Waterfall because it is at kilometer 86 highway East Cross Sumatra. The height reaches 50 meters and can be reached through the journey as far as 14 Km through the dirt road by riding a motorcycle or jeep.


2. Aek Martua Waterfall
Located in Tangun Village, Bangun Purba Sub-district, Rokan Hulu District, Riau Province. This multilevel waterfall is often called as a thousand stairs waterfall.

This waterfall is located in the highlands of the Bukit Barisan mountains. The name of Aek Martua is taken by Mandailing tribe which means Air Bertua. Aek Martua is also the name of the river where the waterfall is located.

In this area there are also three waterfalls with a distance of several dozen meters. The altitude varies from a height of 15 meters to a maximum of 35 meters. The first waterfall has a wide expanse of rock to play water, while the second waterfall has a pond.

3. Empunawan Waterfall
Located in Riau Bukit Tigapuluh National Park. Empunawan Waterfall has a height of about 31 meters and the water is clear.

This beautiful waterfall can be reached for 3 hours from Rantau Langsat Village, about 4.5 km distance. Visit the Bukit Tigapuluh National Park while enjoying the exotic waterfalls.

With an area of ??250 m2 visitors who have rock climbing skills can try his skills there.


4. Guruh Gemurai Waterfall
Located in the forest area of ??Bukit Betabuh, the border of West Sumatra-Riau. The name of Guruh Gemurai is derived from the local language, where Guruh means rumble while the Gemurai is a sprinkling of water scattered.

So the waterfall of Guruh Gemurai means waterfalls that splash or boom rumble. This waterfall has two water outpours, with the first outpour having a height of nearly 20 meters.

In addition visitors can also take a bath at the bottom of the waterfall because there is a storage pool that can be used for bathing.


5. Tujuh Tingkat Batang Koban Waterfall
Located in Kuantan Singingi District and always crowded during Balimau bath event held one day before Ramadan.

It was named of Tujuh Tingkat Batang Koban because the water fell from a seven-story cliff and flowed into the Kuantan River.

The height of this waterfall varies for each level, for the first and fourth waterfall reaches a height between 5-15 meters. Even at the sixth level it reaches a height of about 30 meters more.


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