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The brain intelligence of Ustad Abdul Somad in speaking successfully dissected by this man


The brain intelligence of Ustad Abdul Somad in speaking successfully dissected by this manThe brain intelligence of Ustad Abdul Somad in speaking successfully dissected by this man -  A Neurologist from the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Brawijaya Malang named Badrul Munir through his writings on a portal news ie Republika on December 29, 2017 dissect the workings of Ustad Abdul Somad (UAS) brain.

In a paper that written by Munir, a 1981 Nobel laureate psychologist, Roger W Sperry, mapped the brain by virtue of its right and left brain functions. Left brain work makes one think, remember, analyze, count, and decide something. The work of the left brain makes a person as an intelligent scientist.

"While the right brain works more in terms of reasoning, understanding, intuition, feel, sympathy that makes a person develop themselves in the art and humanism," he wrote.

When following a lecture and reading the journey of Ustad Abdul Somad's life, his intelligence in memorizing the principles of the law of creed, fiqh, and muamalah seen when Ustad Abdul Somad is a genius.

"It is not just memorizing the Qur'an and the hadith, but remembering the opinions of some scholars in detail and complete, which are arranged in simple language, so that people become very well understood, this point becomes one of UAS advantages over other ustad," he said.

According to him, UAS left brain work is perfect. Instantaneous memory is only stored in the cortex (outer shell) of the brain making it easy to forget, while short-term memory is stored deeper, ie, carrying the cortex so easily. Long-term memory is stored in very deep areas of the brain, ie in the frontal lobe, temporalis and hippocampus parts C1, C2.

The ability of a person to remember something or intelligence is influenced by the number of jonjot nerves (synapses) that exist in his brain. The number of synapses is influenced by the stimulus or exposure gained from birth, even from the fetus in the womb and can be seen from the ability of a person to answer or respond to questions.

"During the lecture and question and answer session, UAS is very good at answering all the questions of pilgrims with holistic, systematic answers, and compiling some of the opinions of the great scholars in the yellow book with a clear, straightforward language so that listeners are well-rounded," he explained.

How about the right brain?

UAS is also very dominant in using his right brain. This can be seen from his ability to control the masses during lectures with jokes that understand the feelings of others, provide solutions of questions by using straightforward language, but wrapped with something funny.


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