Sunday, 16 Dec 2018

Hydroelectric Koto Panjang Issued a Letter of Appeal


SuratSurat - The floods disrupt road segments that connects West Sumatera and can not be bypassed by vehicles on Friday and Saturday (29-30 December 2017) yesterday.

In relation to high rainfall on the upstream side of the dam of PLTA Kota Panjang that impacted on the extent of the PLTA Kota Panjang infiltration as well as Pangkalan Koto Baru area experiencing flood.

To anticipate the increasingly high water in the Pangkalan area, the PLTA Koto Panjang issued an appeal addressed to the people who live and activated on the Kampar River flow to be careful and increase alertness.

Based on the appeal letter no. 010.Peng / PLTA-KTPJ / 2017, Koto Panjang hydropower manager Muhammad Rusdi said that they will open a spillway door at the hydropower dam until the deadline which is not yet known.

The purpose of opening the door of this spillway to make the unfortunate event, such as flood, will not happen again in the Pangkalan area, and so that the discharge of water released to the Kampar river is not too large.


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