Sunday, 16 Dec 2018

PPA Pekanbaru Community Share Basic Food and Stationery


Foto BersamaFoto Bersama - Community Care for Orphanage (PPA) Pekanbaru City returns for groceries. The PPA community distributes aid to As Shohwah Orphanage, Jalan Merpati Sakti, Simpang Baru Village, Tampan Sub-district, ahead of the turn of the year.

Previously, four orphanages have also been submitted similar assistance. Caring for the Orphanage, which consists of more than 40 donors, provides basic foods such as rice, eggs, cooking oil, sugar.

Not only basic foods, this Community also handed over stationery and books, in addition to compensation to 23 orphanages consisting of 5 men and 18 women. On this occasion, the entourage led by the Chairman of PPA, Khamidi Setia Budi directly accepted Chairman of the Foundation, Hj Asfaridah with all the orphanage children.

"Alhamdulilah, I do not think if the presence of these young people want to hand over the aid to us, without any preparation at all, we thank the infinite. Hope what has been given this can get a reply from Allah SWT," said Asfaridah.

Told Asfaridah, the orphanage  founded since 2002 is indeed every month is still expecting assistance from the donors, although she did not dismiss if during this time there are regular donors who provide assistance.

"In addition to the government, there are our regular donors who always provide assistance, so help from the community of PPA is very helpful for the continuity of the orphanage children," she said.

Meanwhile, Khamidi Setia Budi who was accompanied by Secretary, Suparmin and Treasurer, Emir Zulhiadmin said that the help that has been given can be useful and help As-Shohwa orphanage.

"Alhamdulillah, I and all members have distributed donations from donors to the orphanage, hopefully this assistance can provide many benefits," said the man graduated from University of Muhammadiyah Riau (UMRI).

On this occasion, He also did not forgot to say thanks to all the donors who have provided assistance.

"I am with all the leaders and founders of Concerned Orphanage, Thank you." In the future in 2018, we will continue to run this activity by giving to orphanages that really need help, "he said.

Khamidi also said, for the donors who want to join the Orphanage Care community can follow Instagram @Pedulipantiasuhan account and if you want to join the Whatsapp Group can contact 085272158987.


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