Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019

Kim Jong-Un Ready to Push Nuclear Missile Button to Attack United States


InternetInternet - Monday (01/01/2018), North Korean President (North Korea) Kim Jong-Un reminded that the United States (US) does not take for granted to his country. Kim Jong-Un mentioned on his desk there is a button that is ready whenever he want to launch nuclear missiles to the mainland of the United States (US).

This was conveyed by Kim Jong-Un in his latest speech. "This is a reality, not just a threat," the communist state leader said.

As reported in CNN Indonesia, Kim Jong-un is very confident with nuclear weapons that would "silence" US President Donald Trump who repeatedly called will deploy the military to North Korea. Kim Jong-un called today the entire mainland of the United States is in North Korea's nuclear weapons radar.

However, the North Korean supreme leader still signaled the dialogue. This is apparent when Kim Jong-Un is considering joining athletes at the Pyongyang Olympics next February.

"North Korea's participation in the Winter Games is a good opportunity to show community unity and we hope the game will be a success," Kim Jong-Un said.

So, the speech is considered a signal of easing the tensions of the two Koreas. After the year 2018 North Korea and South Korea throw each other aggressive propaganda and rhetoric.

However, in his speech at the television station, Kim Jong-Un affirmed his focus on advanced weapons programs. Including mass producing ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads.

It's just to address the North Korean threats about nuclear, President Donald Trump did not take seriously. "We'll see, we'll see," he told reporters on the sidelines of New Year's celebrations in Florida.

North Korea is still a politically isolated country due to nuclear experiments as well as showing off the strength of its ballistic missile. The UN Security Council also agreed to impose new sanctions by restricting oil imports to the communist state.


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