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Fantastic, millions of dollar was spent on New Year’s Eve fireworks


Fantastic, millions of dollar was spent on New Year’s Eve fireworksFantastic, millions of dollar was spent on New Year’s Eve fireworks -  London is one of the cities that has the tradition of hosting the world's most luxurious fireworks show., announce if the tickets to seen the fireworks for New Year's Eve 2018 is sold out in a matter of a few hours.

Since 2014, the city has sell ticket to cover the cost of fireworks performances around the Victoria reservoir.

According to The Guardian, during the New Year's party 2014, London spent 1.8 million pounds to light fireworks for 11 minutes. That fireworks party used 400 types of fireworks that produced 10,000 kinds of explosions. The fireworks were launched from the London Eye with three barges and 14 pontoon ships.

The show is run by Jack Morton Worldwide. In 2017 they also became a fireworks display organizer for the City of London. A fireworks designer Darryl Fleming from the company Titanium Firework said the launch theme at the time was 'a mash-up of the year's big tune'. The music of the song accompanied the explosion in the sky.

"Music determines the fireworks we use, if there is something uncertain, I will look for Scrabbly Comets, or if it is slow to moving, I will look for something that more subtle," he explained as The Guardian wrote.

London competitor is Sydney, Australia. Sydney's Millennium Display launches 18 computer-operated fireworks and is synchronized with multiple soundtracks.

A total of 11,000 fireworks and 40,000 types of comet fireworks were launched from Harbor Bridge, Opera House, and several barges.

But the record-breaking fireworks expenditure last year was held by the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They launched 500,000 fireworks within six minutes. It costs 6 million US dollars or equivalent to 3.86 million pounds.


But for 2017, downtown of Dubai took the Laser theme titled Lights Up 2018 by dominating many laser beams rather than fireworks.





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