Sunday, 16 Dec 2018

Arsene Wenger made a new record in the Premier League


Arsene Wenger made a new record in the Premier LeagueArsene Wenger made a new record in the Premier League -  Arsene Wenger has just set a new record in the Premier League. Undergoing more than 800 matches in the top caste of English football, he is make a record that can last forever.

Wenger underwent his 811th match when Arsenal only drew 1-1 in a trip to the WBA on Monday, January 1 2018 pm dawn.

With that figure Wenger is now the manager with the most number of games in the Premier League.

The Frenchman broke the previous record of Sir Alex Ferguson with 810 games.

"I applaud Arsene for passing the record I coached in 810 Premier League matches, that's a fantastic achievement that demands the highest standards of dedication and professionalism to achieve," Fergie said.

Wenger recorded a record after coaching of Arsenal for 21 years. In that period, he presented three Premier League titles for the Bullet Warehouse.

"I doubt if his record, anything that will happen later, will be broken. Congratulations on the truly outstanding achievements and services provided to football and Arsenal," continued Fergie.



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