A bakery in Japan make a New Year’s cake for lucky and new hope


A bakery in Japan make a New Year’s cake for lucky and new hopeA bakery in Japan make a New Year’s cake for lucky and new hope -  A bakery in Tokyo makes a special cake to welcome New Year. The red Fuji-shaped cake is full of symbols.

Every New Year comes, Japanese also hopes for luck in the new year. Bakery 'Gin no Budo' managed by GraspestoneCo.Ltd. make a special cake.

This cake is named 'Red Fuji New Year' or Akafuji no Oshogatsu, reports Soranews24, December 28 2017. Every year bakery is always making New Year's special cake. For this year they made a beautiful red shaped Mount Fuji creations.

The concept of this cake is 'eating happiness in its entirety' and all its elements have symbols. Mount Fuji symbolizes the place of luck. It is said that this mountain is most often appear in the Japanese dream in the New Year.

Except that the first sunrise in the new year on Fuji Mountain is believed to give good luck. This mountain is symbolized in a yellow-shaped orange brown on the cake. Also there is a dog of chocolate as a symbol of the year Dogs in 2018. Plus chocolate marked the new year's greeting.

While the red color cake symbolizes the color of luck. The white snow with red cake symbolizes the color of Japanese luck as their national flag.

Not only the decoration, the inside of the cake also wear a blend of red and white. In the form of sliced sponge cake coated strawberry cream prepared layered, as many as 8 layers.

This number 8 also symbolizes luck. This cake sells for 1620 yen or IDR 194 thousand at some Gin no Budo stores in Tokyo. This cake is sold in 3 days, starting January 1 to January 3 only.



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