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A sad story of a girl whose her face was marred by her own good friend


Naomi OniNaomi Oni -   Bad memories about a woman using a niqab will always haunt her. Five years passed, but Naomi Oni could never forget the figure that wrapped her in a black cloth that saw her with a keen look, before suddenly dousing the acid to her face.

On a dark night between Christmas and New Year 2012, Naomi, who was 20 years old at that time, returned from Westfield Shopping Center in Stratford, East London, where she worked as an employee in a clothing boutique, when the acid attack took place.

She had just got off the bus, and she did not realize that a black-clad woman that followed her, preparing to pounce her on an empty street near her mother home in Dagenham.

"I feel her presence," Naomi recalls. "I remember the cold eye with the face that covered with the hijab. When I felt the spark from acid, I took a deep breath and screamed, I thought I would be killed, my face and my tongue felt like burning."

"I did not have time to be scared. I ran and did not look back I felt it was the end and I was on the verge of death. I screamed as loudly as I could to prevent this woman from chasing me, and ran until I got to the front door of my house. I can feel the sensation of spicy and there is a chemical smell. "

"I yelled at the door while shouting," Acid! Acid! "My mom opened the door.

"I shouted because my face was burning, there was steam coming out of my body, and I was shaking in shock."

Such acid attacks are now terrible - a horrible simple weapons that committed by criminals in robbery and also for revenge.


Naomi gets third-degree burns and the doctor is worried she'll be permanently blind. Her beautiful face was crushed, and her eyelids lifted. Her life was destroyed at the time.

You might imagine that such an event would make Naomi hate the acid-drenching woman in her face.

But not. With great grace and courage, she says that she has forgiven her assailant - a young woman that she considers to be one of her close friends, but jealous of Naomi's appearance, popularity, and happiness.

"I forgive her, I still think she's a callous and vindictive person and a coward who betrays me."

Since 2014, when 200 acid attacks have been reported to the police, the number has doubled to 431 by 2016 - and the most affected areas are the Newham region, which includes the Stratford Olympic Park, Westfield and Dagenham, where Naomi lives and works. In the last five years, nearly 400 out of 1,500 attacks have been reported there.



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