Sunday, 16 Dec 2018

Hundreds of fire cases successfully to handled by fire brigade in Pekanbaru without a victim


Faisal HendriFaisal Hendri -  The Pekanbaru City Fire and Rescue Agency (Damkar) has proven its dedication to performance throughout 2017 by conquering 194 incidents without having to kill lives.

In addition, Damkar has also helped to extinguish the forest and land fires (Karhutla) that occurred in the area of ??Pekanbaru city of approximately 299,780 m2 that owned by individuals or corporations.

"From the number of 194 incidents of fire, it's already included in the building or house and land," said the Head of Operations Fire and Rescue Services and Disaster Prevention Pekanbaru City, Faisal Hendri on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 noon.

Faisal mentioned that most of the causes of fires that often occur in the field due to short-circuit factors. Where the cable used is not in accordance with the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).

"For example, an electric current of 110 Volts is not used properly, but misused by making more branches to excessive, plus the cable that used is not SNI and with provisions," said Faisal.

For constraints in the field, Faisal adds often to the public as if to participate interfere with work from the officers Damkar. This worries the impact of disruption of the fire suppression process.

"We do not forbid citizens to help the officers, but not to interfere with the work process. The lack of knowledge possessed by citizens will put out very little fire," Faisal added.

So far, Pekanbaru City Damkar officers already have people trained in firefighting. For that, Faisal hopes to realize the dream of creating an educated officer.

"There are 6 officers of Pekanbaru City Damkar that have finished their training in Jakarta and will provide quality knowledge to other colleagues," Faisal concluded.



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