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Apparently, a beauty salon can also be a source of dangerous disease


Apparently, a beauty salon can also be a source of dangerous diseaseApparently, a beauty salon can also be a source of dangerous disease -  A study reveals that salon can also be a source of disease. Some people have skin problems, fungal infections and respiratory problems after visiting a beauty salon.

The research survey involved 90 customers of hair and nail salons in three areas of New Jersey.

Approximately 42 percent of customers have skin problems and 10 percent report a fungal infection after their visit to the salon.

Complaints received in the form of itching on the hands or face, burning, redness around the nail area and fungus around the fingers.

And there are also customers who report other complaints such as runny nose, watery eyes, difficulty breathing and headaches. The findings also revealed that most complaints were reported by those who visited the nail salon rather than the hair salon.

In general, many salons offer manicure, pedicure or hair dyeing services.

However, many of salon employees do not understand the effects of exposure to chemicals that are harmful to health. It can be a source of dangerous diseases as well.

Some of the ingredients used for such treatment can even cause allergies and skin irritation.

Not only that, since salon equipment is used by many people, it is possible that the source of infectious diseases or fungi come from non-sterilized tools before reuse.

Dr. Debra Spicehandler, Co-chief of infectious diseases from Northern Westchester Hospital says, for those of you who regularly go to the salon, make sure that the equipment used is sterilized. It aims to remove bacteria from salon equipment used by many people.

In addition, according to Spicehandler, especially diabetics need to be careful when going to do pedicure treatment at beauty salons.

She suggested if you want to get the treatment, diabetics should get treatment from podiatry experts.

To prevent transmission of transmitted diseases from beauty salons, you must make sure the salon that you selected has a trustworthy makeup certificate, so can to avoid the source of the disease.

With the certification, no longer need to worry to do beauty treatments at the salon.


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