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Valeria Levitin, a beautiful girl from Russia that have the most sadness anorexia story in the world


Valeria LevitinValeria Levitin - Being slim and beautiful is every woman's dream. Even for the sake of getting slim body, many women do extreme diet.

As did by Valeria Levitin, a Russian woman that living in Monaco. The extreme diet that she do made Valeria be emaciated. Her body is just skin with bone. Even, her face looks much older than her age, 39 years old.

When she was teenager, Valeria has a good body. But a friend mocked her physical condition and saying that Valeria is a fat girl. It is made Valeria try to lose her weight drastically.

Valeria Levitin has a height of 172 cm with a weight of only 26 kg. Valeria tells that since childhood, her mother has applied a strict diet because she fear if Valeria will grow fat when she matures.

The young Valeria have a body that contains, even she ever to follow the beauty contest. But her very perfectionist mother tried to control the food that Valeria consumed. Because her body took too long of extreme diet, Valeria's body can not to accept sugar and carbohydrates. Although she was eager to eat many food, but her body automatically refused.



After 20 years of suffering from anokreksia, her body now appears fragile, old and pathetic.

And anorexia is increasingly destroying her life. She became more lonely and shunned because of her terrible appearance.

It made her want to give inspires through a video to teach other women.

Through the video, Valeria also recommends that no one becomes like herself. Being slim is indeed a dream of many women, but if excessive, it will be the same fate as Valeria.


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