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The heritage of Sultan Syarif Kasim become a blessing for Siak Society


The heritage of Sultan Syarif Kasim become a blessing for Siak SocietyThe heritage of Sultan Syarif Kasim become a blessing for Siak Society - Sultan Syarif Kasim was a Sultan who ever led the Kingdom of Siak. During his leadership, Sultan Syarif Kasim made the Kingdom of Siak more prosperous in that time.

Not only that, Sultan Syarif Kasim also leaves a heritage for the Siak city that makes Siak being an attraction place for many tourists to visit.

Also, Siak city became the center of the hustle and thus gave benefits to the community that live surrounding of Siak.

As more many tourists visit to Siak, it will improve the economic standard of community in Siak.

Have a nickname as Istana Negara, Siak Sri Indrapura Regency keeps various historical heroes and story that attract of many tourists, both from within and abroad to visit and spend their vacation time at Siak.

Siak Sri Indrapura Palace or Hasyimiah Palace or East Matahari Palace is the residence from Sultan Siak, which it was built in 1889 during the reign of Sultan Syarif Hasyim.

This palace is the remains of the Sultanate of Siak Kingdom which was completed in 1893. Now that Palace is located in Siak Regency administrative district.

This palace complex has an area of about 32,000 square meters that consisting of 4 castles ie Siak Palace, Lima Palace, Padjang Palace, and Baroe Palace. Siak Palace has area about 1,000 square meters.

The number of tourists always continue to increase from year to year. And for information, the number of visitors on the late 2017 and on Christmas holidays has increase to doubled.

"In this year, the number of visitors to Siak has increased to approximately about 5 thousand visitors," said Junaidi, one of Siak officials on Thursday, January 4, 2018 when met with

In addition, Vienna, one of the culinary traders along the banks of the Siak River claims that she get advantage from tourists that visit to Siak.

"For us who work as the seller in Siak also feel the advantage from Sultan Syarif Kasim" she said.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Siak, Drs.H Syamsuar, said that Siak district government has always been committed to developing the tourism sector in Siak. This is to raising the Regional Original Revenue (PAD) of Siak, and also make Siak will more famous for tourists.


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