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This is the bad impact if consuming of dog meat


This is the bad impact if consuming of dog meatThis is the bad impact if consuming of dog meat -  According data from Dog Meat Free Indonesia, there are one million dogs that killed every year in Indonesia. They were arrested and stolen to be transported to all area in Indonesia, to meet the demand for dog meat.

The problem of eating dog meat always be controversy both in Indonesia and abroad. Various animal organizations denounced the dog meat trade as food. The health risks to eating dog meat are one of the things that concern them.

In fact, there are indeed a number of bad effects to eating dog meat that should not be ignored. One of the greatest dangers of eating dog meat is the spread of rabies in animals and humans.

In Philippines, about 10,000 dogs and 300 people died cause of rabies every year. Despite there are many efforts by the World Health Organization (WHO) to vaccinate dogs in bulk to prevent the spread of rabies, the dog meat trade makes rabies the prevention being more difficult. Quoted from One Green Planet.

WHO itself has highlighted the dog meat trade as a contributing factor to the spread of rabies in Indonesia, according to a report from Dog Meat Free Indonesia. Not a few of rabid dogs are sent to big cities for food supplies.

The possible parasitic infections such as E. coli 107 and salmonella may also occur. In addition, bacterial infections such as anthrax, hepatitis, and leptospirosis can also spread through the flesh to the human body.

And there is also a trichinosis disease that can be obtained if people eat raw or undercooked meat from animals that infected by Trichinella parasite. If the parasite present in the human body, it can cause inflammation of the blood vessels.

The signs, symptoms, and severity of trichinosis are vary. However, if the infection is severe, people may have difficulty to coordinating the movements, as well as having heart and respiratory problems. In severe cases, death can occur.

Wild dogs, or unhygienic dogs, which are processed into food can store many bacteria, germs, and viral diseases.

Often these dogs are given high doses of antibiotics to prevention of disease transmission. But the effect on humans is that if consumed will make the body become resistant to the effects of antibiotics, and this is dangerous.

There are many more dangers that arising from eating of dog meat. Indeed, behind all the controversy, the dog-meat culinary tradition is undeniable.


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