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Ten of most terrible things that found inside a body of human


Ten of most terrible things that found inside a body of humanTen of most terrible things that found inside a body of human -  If you ever follow Gray's Anatomy, you will know what kind of crazy things people do with their bodies.

But it is done in a conscious state. In this world there are ten terrible events that man does not want but found in his limbs.

Here is a list of some of the weirdest things that found in the human body.

1. A belt in the chest
Anuj Ranjan, an Indian man was involved in a serious car accident and required to an extensive operations. During surgery, doctors somehow think to using an 8-foot-long belt to cover the wound to his chest.

Years later after the incident, Anju had a cough and thought that he had tuberculosis, Anuj must get treatment in hospital, only to know about inside of his chest. And that made he is very surprise ie he saw a belt in his chest as a result of the surgery that had been done several years ago.


2. Fish inside the lung
An Indian boy accidentally swallows a 9-centimeter fish while playing in one of the rivers and that fish living in his lungs. That make everyone's surprise, the fish stayed alive there. But the fish is then removed through surgery.


3. Worm in eyes
John Matthew of Cedar Rapids was almost blind when the doctors told him that a racoon worm was eating his retina.

4. Maggots in the scalp of his head
Do you remember the scene from a Mummy movie where they have insects moving inside their bodies and partying with meat?

Well, Aaron Dallas's case is exactly like that. While traveling, he suddenly finds a certain lump on his head but ignores it. When he touched the lump, he felt an object move and immediately he checked it into the doter. Doctors later discovered that the maggots live on the scalp.


5. Eel in the anus
For a joke, a man puts an eel into his friend's anus. Then the eel turned into his anus. The eel can not be pulled out, until finally the man was brought by his friends to see a doctor to remove it.

6. Fish inside the penis
Okay, it's a bit confusing how a fish enters a person's penis but this is what happens. A young man was cleaning his fish tank. The fish somehow swam into his penis. He was then hospitalized and the doctor could remove it with a device that normally used to remove bladder stones.

7. Nails on the head
Prax Sanchez complained about the terrible earache, so his family took him to the hospital. Once there, the doctors put him in MRI, but they could not finish the process because it was painful for him. Then suddenly, he sneezed a big nail in his nose. Doctors say that it can happen since years that make him feels very pain in earache.

8. Tapeworms in the brain
Rosemary Alvarez is one of women who developed tapeworms in her brain after she ate food that contaminated with human waste. Thankfully, the doctor managed to clean her brain completely and she recovered completely.

9. Spider in the stomach
While on vacation, a spider into the chest of a boy named Dylan Maxwell while he was on vacation. Allegedly the spider entered through his navel. The doctor finally throws it away but leaves a scar on his body.

10. Snail in knee
Paul Franklin fell on the beach and his knee was hurt. A few weeks later, when the wound did not heal properly and continued to hurt Paul, his mother thought to cleaning his own child's wounds. When she pressed the wound, a stone like a slug came out of the wound. Since then, Paul's wounds have healed.


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