Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018

James Franco imposing an actress to do a naked scene


James Franco imposing an actress to do a naked sceneJames Franco imposing an actress to do a naked scene -  James Franco received a number of accusations after he received the Golden Globe award recently. These allegations are linked to the opposition of the sexual harassment issue.

Not only one, but there are further accusations that approached the 39-year-old actor.

Reported by the New York Daily on Tuesday, January 9 2017, Franco was accused of indirectly imposing on a woman who had been a student at an acting school that he founded.

The woman named Sarah Tither-Kaplan accused Franco of deliberately using his power to make her willing to do a naked scene in the film that he produces.

"Remember a few weeks ago when you told me to want to do a full nude scene in your two movies for 100 dollars a day and that's not considered the exploit because you said I signed the contract," said Kaplan twittering on twitter.

Kaplan revealed the conditions that she experienced until she was finally willing to appear naked in the film that owned by Franco.

"If an actor has the power to subvert my career with an instant, I do not have much choice, I need to eat and I need life," Kaplan chirped again.

There has been no response from James Franco on the allegations. At the Golden Globe, he became one of the stars dressed in the slogan 'Time's Up', an initiative echoed by more than 300 women in Hollywood to fight sexual abuse and vote for those who do not have the true courage to express.



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