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Do not wrong to choose the tire for SUV and MPV car


Do not wrong to choose the tire for SUV and MPV carDo not wrong to choose the tire for SUV and MPV car -  In Indonesia, the best-selling car is a car with sport utility vehicle style (SUV) and multi purpose vehicle (MPV).

This car is also widely used in everyday for many activities. So it makes the tire parts are often damaged quickly because in addition to its use on uneven roads, the condition of weather not erratic also being one of factor.

Goodyear Indonesia Product and Trade Marketing Manager, Arfianti Puspitarini, explained the difference when choosing a tire for both cars.

"Most SUV's are heavier than MPV's, it's weighing about 0.5 to 1 ton, so the load index should be taken into account," he said.

If the load index is not suitable, the effect of the tire can explode because of overload. The strength of this load index is determined by various things, ranging from tire framework, tire structure, material mix, and various other things. Load index can be seen from the tire code whose position is on the tire wall.

In addition, the size of tires in each car is also different. If we have wrong size of the tire,it can result in a tire stuck and the car will broken.

The difference can be easily seen, from the development used. SUV and MPV cars have different designations, so the development is more adjusted.

Rini also explains the tires for the MPV is made more close. As for the SUV car made more rugged because to have ability in offroad.


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