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A former of Children of God shares chilling tales of being forced to perform lewd acts to God


A former of Children of God  shares chilling tales of being forced to perform lewd acts to God  A former of Children of God shares chilling tales of being forced to perform lewd acts to God - A woman who escaped from a famous sex cult as a teenager shared a horrible story.

Dawn Watson, from the United States, grew up in a famous and international sect, The Children of God, but she can to escaping from persecution that he experienced.

During his time in the cult he was taught how to have sex at a young age, forced to perform sex acts to a man who was considered as uncle and shown a picture of a naked woman that nailed to a cross.

Hollywood actor Rose McGowan, who was involved in the latest sexual harassment scandal surrounding movie actor Harvey Weinstein, and Joaquin Phoenix also been a cult member.

Determined not to live under this rule, Dawn manages to escape from
The  Children of God at the age of 13 years. But her journey to recovery lasted a long time, its marked by painful memories that have long since passed. freed from.

'We learn God is love and a way to express God's love is through sexuality. I never knew anything different from that. "

'I think nobody really understands, unless you live it, what harassment it is. And the harassment I say in all its forms. Sexually abused, emotionally abused and spiritually abusive."

The Children of God began in 1968 and were founded by David Brandt Berg in Huntington California.

In 1972, there were 130 full time member communities that scattered throughout the world - including Brazil where Dawn grew up.

Dawn explains: 'David Brandt Berg has a lot of darkness inside him. Before he started this community, he had problems with his own children. He used to torture his own child. He was expelled from the church before starting this community because he wanted to have many wives. He does not know how to have one woman."

When Dawn was born in a cult, Berg was a shadow figure that existed for his members through his teachings and status as 'Father David.'

But the culture of abuse and hyperexuality is still rife. Dawn recalled her childhood that exposed to a picture of a naked woman nailed to a cross, and 'Prostitute for the poster of Jesus' writing, produced by the Children of God.'

She explained that women and children are encouraged to have their own time with their 'uncles' and the cult instructs its members to believe that part of the sex act - even if they are too young and do not understand what they are doing - are all parts from the expression of God's love.

Dawn said: 'I have never had a father figure growing up in the community. Not someone who as a man I can connect and that cost can protect me. I always look people and  uncle as a danger and I want to be as far away from them as possible. "



Dawn was born in a cult and lives there with her mother and brother.

She said: 'My mother would not know a lot of things that were going on; they always tell me to go and sing and always give me so much work to do. Often women do not take care of their own children. They are always with uncles and aunts. "

Children in the community are not given actual education, and trap them in a circle of harassment and brainwashing.

Dawn said: "We are not allowed to learn much or read books or anything that will distract from the education they give us."

Frustrated with a lack of answers to her questions, Dawn starts to sneak out a few nights, bringing home her cigars and music.

One of the first songs he ever heard is song of Eminem.

Dawn can not get rid of the unshakable feeling that the so-called expression of love in society is not right, so she decides, age 13, to leave.

Dawn left her mother and brother and spent more than three years living in the homes of various family members, in Brazil.

'I jumped from house to house, especially former members, people I had left behind and then owned the little houses. They will accept me and I will jump from place to place where people have left the community, "he said.

But Dawn was later raped when she was 15 years old.

She said: 'I have rape in one of the houses where I live. It was one of my darkest moments and that's when I called my mother and finally understood that she had found the strength to get out of society."

"She can go and I can go home. So, we can start again and start building a new life and I'm not alone in this.'


Reunited with her family, in the interim years, Dawn studied psychology - a considerable achievement given that despite being born in Brazil, she did not know Portuguese when she left Children of God.

However, she is still struggling to feel the part of the world that has been turned off for so long.

In 2014, Dawn sold most of his possessions to pay for tickets to Date with Destiny, a self-help event led by entrepreneur and life coach Tony Robbins. There he openly shared his story for the first time.

Dawn said: 'At that moment for me that, I have experienced a lot of pain, I have a lot of luggage 'I just need to free it from within me."

"This was a very frightening moment in my life but I started receiving e-mails and messages from men and women who said: 'Your story helped me overcome the pain I was experiencing.'

Dawn has been able to rebuild not only her own life but also the others. In 2016 he started his own non-profit Institute, Dawn Watson.



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