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Desperate and decide to cut his own leg, here are two most horrifying stories in the world


Desperate and decide to cut his own leg, here are two most horrifying stories in the worldDesperate and decide to cut his own leg, here are two most horrifying stories in the world - In this era of technology, sometimes we hear many strange and unusual stories. This is because the story is beyond human reason so it is only considered a myth.

But do you know, it turns out in this world there are some horrible stories that really happened. As quoted from, here are two horrible stories that ever happened in the world.

1. A Colorado fisherman named William Jeracki goes to a remote lake, near St. Mary Glacier in October 1993.

At that time, the temperature was below zero degrees. Jeracki wore only a long-sleeved shirt, fishing vest, and trousers but without coat.

The lake is small and bordered by steep mountains. While being engrossed in fishing, unwittingly there is a large rock that fell from the cliff and landed on his feet.

He tried to free himself but the stone was too big and his feet could not move a inch. He knows if staying too long, he will die. Not wanting to die, Jeracki decides to run away by cutting his leg.

He pulled out a pocket knife and a small rope.

He uses a rope to make a bond and then uses a folding knife to cut his leg just below the kneecap.

After freeing himself from the rock, he crawled toward his truck for half a mile.

Then drive for half a mile toward Twin Lakes to get help.

2. On July 1 1951, 67-year-old Mary Resser spent her night with receiving visits from her children and neighbors. At that time, she was wearing a rayon nightgown, room slippers, and robes.

When her guest leaves, she goes to sleep. And everything seemed normal.

The next day her son came. He soon realized there are something wrong in that house, because the handle of the door was very hot. He immediately called the police.

When the police came and went into Resser's house, they found the woman burned to ashes with only one leg remaining.

The seat being occupied is also destroyed, but there is little damage in other parts.

During the investigation, police found no signs of robbery or influence outside the apartment.

Detectives found the temperature of room was about 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit, but surprisingly the rest of the room was intact. Even the other room in the house, nothing burned.


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