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A woman from Russian being the hottest referee in the world


A woman from Russian being the hottest referee in the worldA woman from Russian being the hottest referee in the world - A Russian woman referee named Ekaterina Kostyunina has long been named as the most beautiful football referee in Russia even in the world.

Kostyunina, that come from the city of Siberian Krasnoyarsk, has also become a selegram and has many followers on Instagram.

The 22-year-old woman is an active social media user and has nearly 100,000 followers in Instagram, and Kostyunina often share her activities through Instagram account.

Before moving to Moscow, she played for a local student football team representing the Pedagogical University of Krasnoyarsk. She also supports her home club Yenisey, who plays in Russia's second division.

She turned to soccer at the age of 12 and then spent all her spare time in the playground, kicking the ball with her schoolmates.



After being invited as a referee in a match, Kostyunina decided to become a referee.

She takes her profession seriously, and dreams to becoming an accredited FIFA referee.

The referee who also has a profession as a model says that he has never had problems in the field, and on the contrary often receives flowers after the game from the players and her fans.

She is also famous for her luxurious lifestyle. In fact, she was once a controversy when she complained in an interview that the money that she earns from her profession as a referee is not enough to buy expensive dresses and shoes that she really likes.

Even so, Kostyunina loves her job very much. She says that her role as an referee requires physical strength and discipline, which is why she regularly works and does not want to go on a diet to stay her in good shape.



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