Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019

Makes a pornographic dance, ten tourists are arrested by police in Cambodia


Makes a pornographic dance, ten tourists are arrested by police in CambodiaMakes a pornographic dance, ten tourists are arrested by police in Cambodia -  Five British men have been arrested in Cambodia for their actions which the police described as a 'pornographic dance'.

A member of the group, whose they age ranges between 19 to 35, said that they were very confused over their arrest after an attack at a party in Siem Reap, a popular tourist destination.

A Cambodian Police website publishes a photographs that appearing on social media that showing tourists dressed in sexy clothes while dancing by showing sex positions.

Most of the group is described by police as expatriates - but some are travelers, including a British tourist who claims to have been in that country for two weeks.

The police said they were doing a barbecue at a villa party on Thursday at 4:00 pm local time when police arrived and began arresting them.

The five British men that arrested are Vincent Harley Robert Hook, 35 yo, Daniel Richard Leeming Jones, 30 yo, Thomas Alexander Jeffries, 22 yo, Billy Stevens, 21 yo, and Paul Francis Harris, 32 yo. Job Robertus van der Wel, from Holland, 22 yo, Jessica Drolet, from Ottawa, 25 yo, and Eden Koazoleas, 19 yo, from Alberta, were also arrested.

And the other two are David Nikolaus Aleksandr Ballovarre, from Oslo, Norway, 22 yo, and Paul Martin Brasch, 32 yo, from New Zealand.

The police says that they have been given a Cambodian lawyer, and they are scheduled to stand a trial on Sunday, January 28, 2018.

A Cambodian Tourist Police officer was unable to confirm further details at that time, and only mentioning that the British ambassador had called. The Foreign Ministry confirmed that they had communicated with Britons in Cambodia on Saturday night.

A spokeswoman said: "We are helping five Englishmen arrested in Cambodia and providing support to their families."

The group confirmed that embassy members had made contact with the five prisoners, and would help foreigners and their families.

Police in Cambodia says that the prisoners could face sentence for one year in prison.


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