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The story of anorexia survivor that wants to help other young girls


The story of anorexia survivor that wants to help other young girls   The story of anorexia survivor that wants to help other young girls - An anorexic victim that have weighing just four kilos has talked about her recovery and her plan to help other women to face of anorexia.

Hannah Lucas had an eating disorder as a teenager. And it makes his appearance looks like 60 years old, but at that time, she is only 16 years old.

She was very weak, and she had to use a wheelchair, she could not bathe herself and had to be hospitalized many times.
But now, after receiving treatment, Hannah has revealed her dream to become a teacher and want to give support to other young women who have eating disorders.

Hannah, from Wallasey, Merseyside, said: "It started when I was about 15 years old. I was a fat girl and I got bullied because of my weight from my friends and at that time I had a relationship for six years. But my boyfriend, makes me feel inferior in judging myself. "

"Not only from my boyfriend, I also got bullying from my teacher. In the past, I wanted to be a dance teacher, but my teacher said that all dance teachers must have slim body."

"So, I started to diet and diet, before I found out that I had an eating disorder."

And now, Hannah hopes that she can go to school to give educations to teenagers about anorexia so they do not experience the same thing likes her.

"It's a mental illness, people think you just want to lose your weight to be thin, but it's not about that. In hospital you have to eat at a certain time, and I'll panic if I have it, but now I can eat whenever and whatever I want to eat."


"In fact, last year I will not do that, because I'm afraid people will think that I'm a greedy. I'll say to others, who also have anorectical experience, so as not to feel ashamed. You must have to open up and believe that you are strong and can to pass it."

Hannah says, that her eating disorder is getting worse, when her mother was diagnosed with cancer and her sister was also diagnosed with postpartum depression at the same time.

Hannah said, "I can not handle my problem and the way is not eating."

Finally she was referred to the eating disorder clinic and after successfully gain weight, she was eventually repatriated.

Hannah said that her eating disorder damaged her friendship and after being treated at an eating disorder clinic, she was determined to get better.

"I've seen people in clinics who are 50 years old and I am determined not to be that person," he said.

With the help of her family, now, Hannah has made a remarkable recovery.


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