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This is the reason why Indonesian people choose to get traveling to Turkey


This is the reason why Indonesian people choose to get traveling to TurkeyThis is the reason why Indonesian people choose to get traveling to Turkey -  While Indonesia goverment is trying to promoting our domestic tourism, there are still many Indonesians that traveling to Turkey.

Even, Indonesia became the largest country that gives contributing to the country that led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

As quoted from, the Turkish Tourism Minister, Numan Kurtulmus said more than 85 thousand tourists from Indonesia came to Turkey in 2017.

While the tourists from Philippine are about 63,200 people, the tourists from Malaysia are about 61,100 people, and the tourists from Thailand are about 30,700 people and the tourists from Singapore are about 17,500 people.

The number of Indonesian tourists has almost doubled, compared to last year. In 2016, the number of Indonesian tourists that coming to Turkey is only 47,200 people.

Kurtulmus hopes as many as 35 million tourists come to Turkey in 2018.

A tourist from Indonesia Rhevy Adriade Putra called the thick Islamic history be the main attraction for tourists to visit to Turkey. So they get knowledge about the history of Islamic civilization.

Another things that makes many tourists choose Turkey, because the process to get a visa to Turkey is relatively easy and cheap.

"Visitors just need to register by online, and pay the visa fee and then print it by themselves," said Rhevy, who is currently taking a doctoral program in political science in London, England.

In addition, the pilgrim program with a tourist destination to Turkey is referred to as another factor.

The increase of foreign tourist in 2017 made Turkey get revenue until USD 26 billion or nearly IDR 348 trillion.

Actually, the number of tourists to Turkey had plummeted in 2016, when a failed military was done. In the same year, there was also a fracture of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Russia.

But in 2017, Russia be the biggest sender of foreign tourists to Turkey, which reached 4.72 million people, due to improved relations between the two countries. Then Germany with 3.5 million tourists, Iran with 2.5 million tourists, and Georgia with 2.4 million travelers.


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