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These five foods can to raise your passion in sex


These five foods can to raise your passion in sexThese five foods can to raise your passion in sex -  In married life, to maintain the harmony in household, the couples must have intercourse. However, sexual desire can be disrupted with various daily activities.

Lack of passion for sexual intercourse can be a problem, especially if one partner really wants it.

If you are in the condition, do not worry, there is a way out that can be tried.

Reporting from Health, you can eat one of these five foods to raise your passion. What are they?

1. Sea food
Oysters have long been regarded as an aphrodisiac or generator of passion. However, there are still sea food that can increase the passion of sex through the shell. Oysters, shellfish, and other foods containing with amino acids can increase the production of sex hormones in both men and women.

2. Almonds
The vegetable protein that contained in Almonds is good for sexual health including for increased arousal. In addition, almonds are also good for the health of heart and help increase blood flow to the genitals.

3. Red pepper
This vegetable makes people who eat it will sweat, because it affects the nerve endings. In addition, red peppers can give a person a wave of energy thereby and can to increasing the adrenaline to get in touch. Just like spices, red peppers also have anti-inflammatory properties that make a person feel healthy.

4. Tofu
This food that containing with soybeans is high protein and impact on energy spikes for sexual stamina power. This food is also low in saturated fat, so it can increase the blood flow and potentially to increase arousal.


5. Olive oil
For the ancient Greeks, olive oil was a cure for impotence. This oil contains good fats for the body, thus helping us to increase the blood flow. The blood flow contributes to more energy and it's circulation can make you feel aroused.


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