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Hong Kong was attacked of deadly flu epidemic, and makes thousands of schools must closed today


Hong Kong was attacked of deadly flu epidemic, and makes thousands of schools must closed todayHong Kong was attacked of deadly flu epidemic, and makes thousands of schools must closed today -  A total of 1,600 kindergartens, elementary schools and special needs schools in Hong Kong will be closed on Thursday, February 8, 2018 related to the Lunar New Year holiday and to overcome the flu epidemic in the city.

The sudden announcement has announced on Wednesday, after cross-departmental meetings, made many parents feel unhappy because they do not having enough time to seek a childcare for their children.

"The schools and parents feel the announcement is made in a very hasty way, and they do not know how to handle it," said Ip Kin-yuen, representing the education sector in the city's legislative council.

The Hong Kong Education Bureau announced the closure of school will occured on Wednesday, just days ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday, which will take place from February 16-19.

"After considering the opinions and recommendations of experts, [the government] decided that the Lunar New Year holiday will start early in kindergartens and elementary schools," said Dr Wong Ka-hing, the controller for the Center for Health Protection.

Most schools are expected to close early next week.

That move comes after Chief Executive, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor met with Hong Kong University biochemist, Professor Yuen Kwok-yung and professor of Chinese University's respiratory medicine, Dr David Hui Shu-cheong on Tuesday to discuss the flu epidemic.

Lam said on Wednesday that the Department of Health's decision was designed to "cut the chain of infection".

"The winter flu outbreak in this year has a major impact on children, and this decision is taken after we have studied the issue with experts and co-workers." he said

Wong said that move would help to reduce the spread of virus.

Among the hospitalized flu patients, Wong said statistical data showed that children aged five or younger had the highest acceptance rate of 8.44 per 10,000 people. This was followed by children aged between six and 11 years, at 3.64. And the rate for the elderly aged 65 years or older is only 2.87.

On January 7th when the peak flu season started, about 398 flu epidemics occurred in the city. Of these, 41.7 percent are in kindergartens and 42.5 percent in primary schools.

So far, 12 children have severe flu and two of them had been died.

On Wednesday, a five-year-old girl was reportedly in serious condition with the B-type flu virus, and was admitted to the intensive care unit of the children at Princess Margaret Hospital.

About 203 adults also experience severe flu complications. Of these, 115 people died.

Last time, Hong Kong announced the closure of schools in 2009, during swine flu pandemic.

Ip says many teachers, educators and parents are very angry with short notice that made very hasty way.

"Today is a school day, but now they have to hold an emergency meeting to solve problems with school buses, catering and administrative arrangements. Some schools will take the exams after the Lunar New Year holidays but until now, they have not finished in their teaching preparations."

Professor Yuen said that the school closure is to prevent the further increases in severe cases.

"If we do not take any action at this time, we fear there are may be more deaths or serious cases among children," Yuen said, adding that the flu is causing bigger problems for children in this season.

"An accelerated New Year holidays for children, can reduce the chains of transmission of the disease."

He is referring to schools in 11 states in the US, that have recently been closed due to the widespread flu outbreak.

The winter peak season of flu, usually lasts for three or four months. While the winter is currently still in the fifth week.



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