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Dramatic images of a mother gave birth in corridor of hospital in Kansas being viral in social media


Photo : Maxwell Alexander and Jessica HoganPhoto : Maxwell Alexander and Jessica Hogan - A series of dramatic picture pictures shows how a mother with five children gave birth to her youngest child in the hospital corridor, when she was late coming to bed. Jesica Hogan, who lives in Riley, Kansas, welcomed her fifth child named Max in July last year and just opened her incredible birth story in a video that shared by her photographer, Tammy Karin.


Jesica gave birth at Via Christi Hospital in Manhattan, Kansas, after experiencing contractions for several days before the birth of Maxwell Alexander. Then she and her husband, Travis Hogan went to the hospital for the first time, but eventually, the doctor says that they can to return to home and still have wait for several days.

However, Jesica began to worry because she did not know when the time for childbirth is would really start. Finally, at one night, Jesica began to contract again, but she thought it was a normal thing.


"I stayed awake about 2 am. At that time, I started to complaining about the same contractions and I was afraid I would not get to the hospital in time," Jesica added.

However, the growing sense of discomfort due to contraction, prompted Jesica to tell her husband, Travis, that she will childbirth. At that moment, Jessica was felt that her water has breaks and worried if she and Travis would not get to the hospital on time.

Travis, however, remained to calm and drove his wife to the hospital around 3 am, local time. On the way to the hospital, Jessica feels if the baby starts to fall every time she has contraction. When Travis stopped at the hospital, he ran around the car to help his wife out from the vehicle.

"I told him that my baby was almost out, and I said I could not get out, I felt as if this baby was ready to birth. That feeling made me almost impossible to move," Jesica added.

"Travis disappeared into the emergency room, and I tried to get out from the passenger seat, so I could walk in a few seconds after I get new contraction."


Tammy arrived at the hospital at that time to take Jessica's photos during childbirth. Meanwhile, Travis helps his wife to walk into the emergency room, through the hospital door.

"I can pass the second automatic door, into the front hall, then I started to taking off my pants, because I could feel my body is pushing the baby's head out." said Jessica.

"I reached out my hands and I could feel his head in my hands, I looked at my husband and Travis caught him!"

"I felt my body was pushing his head out of the womb."

The nurse ran down the hall to help Jesica to live the rest of her birth, and helped Jessica to lie down in the corridor and tell her to push.


"With one more impulse as instructed by the nurse, I feel the whole of baby's body come out," Jesica said.

"Max was born on the floor in the emergency room at 3:38 am, local time. Only 25 minutes since my water broke out at home".

Max took times before releasing his first cries and his body was "very bruised" because of his rapid birth, but his condition was healthy, then Max and Jessica were transferred to the nursing room.



"Max's birth is the craziest birth that I have, but also the most perfect," Jesica added.

"It was not exactly what I had planned, but it ended with a healthy baby".


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