A getaway house on remote Scottish island, offer many beautiful view and goes on sale for £250,000


Photo : A house that called as Tigh Na SithPhoto : A house that called as Tigh Na Sith -  A cottage on a very remote island that can only be accessed by a 125-foot bridge, has been marketed for £ 250,000.

A house that called as 'Tigh Na Sith', located on the west coast of Great Bernera, in the Outer Hebrides, Atlantic.

With price up to a quarter million pounds, the house with three-bedroom has offers panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and an endless pool and sauna.

The house is also located opposite a protected lagoon and dates from 1910, with beautiful gardens in a tranquil atmosphere.

The house has been updated and expanded by its owners with a modern kitchen and bathroom and includes a relaxing spa style for a great sauna experience, as well as a separate garden.

To reach this island, there are regular flights from the island to Inverness, Glasgow and Stornoway, the largest city in Hebrides, which means it would not be not too difficult to rejoin civilization.

For those of you who love animals rather than humans, the island is perfect for viewing seabirds and wildlife such as beavers, deer and eagles as well as sandy beaches.


According to Visit Scotland, the island was formerly owned by Former Queen Herald, Robin de la Lanne-Mirrlees, who supposedly has been the inspiration for James Bond, Ian Fleming to create a house with the same model.

Nicky Archibald, from Galbraith Housing Agent, said: 'This is a fun property that offers the highest returns'

"With a beautiful house and a stunning health set complete with an endless swimming pool, sauna and gym area. From the first floor, there is a beautiful deck that offers many sea views."

The property is surrounded by a pleasant garden with a choice of 'area' to sit and relax.





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