Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

The puzzle of Andik Vermansyah's future finally revealed through this photos


 Andik Vermansyah Andik Vermansyah -  The puzzle about the future of Andik Vermansah began to unfold. The former of Selangor FA player chose to stay in the Malaysian league and will join with Kedah FA.

Andik Vermansah will strengthen Kedah FA. The Surabaya player is undergoing medical tests at Kedah FA, the top of Super League club, as the top competition in the Malaysian league. The player that born on November 23 1991 has chose to survive in the Malaysian League.

The news about Andik join with Kedah has spread in social media on Thursday, February 8 2018 night. The Indonesian national team player was seen wearing the costume of Kedah FA and flanked by two men from the club.

The news also confirmed by the club. Kedah's coach, Ramon Marcote, stated that Andik is still undergoing medical tests.

"He will join with us, if he can to pass the medical tests," Marcote told Tabloid Ball.

Marcote says that he admitted liked the game of Andik. In fact, he said that he had wanted Andik for a long time.

"I love this player (Andik) since seeing his performance in 2015," Marcote said referring to Andik's performance at Selangor last time.

Marcote then describes the greatness of Andik's game is needed for his team. Especially, Andik is the type of player versatile.

"He's fast, has good dribbling skills, good shots, and a combination of good cooperation, he can play as a winger and also an attacker. He's a good player," Marcote said.

Thus, the puzzle of the future of Andik Vermansah has been answered. He will not play in League 1 in the 2018 season. Previously, for four years, Andik has defend of Selangor, which is between 2013 and 2017.



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